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Still Think Social Media is Just a Trend?

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Blippy and the Social Receipt

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Blippy has created a social stream that lets users know what purchases you have made on your credit card in “Blips”, as well as the store it was purchased from, cost and in some cases the product. Friends can follow each other and see what purchases they are making plus users are able to interact with other users and discuss what they are buying.

Created by Philip Kaplan, Blippy is being called the financial version of Twitter as the “Blips” create a social receipt while the stream is automatically publishing users shopping habits in real time for everyone to see.

Stores include iTunes, Blockbuster and Netflix or users can select a credit card or bank account to use which will share all the purchases they make from those accounts.

There have been many people speaking out against Blippy as they don’t want to share the nature of some items purchased and they’re especially concerned over the risk of fraud, however the site says they perform “super-human feats” to protect the data of its users.

The service might even affect the shopping habits as users may have a Blippy friendly card for certain purchases and an account which isn’t shared for others.

Brands on the run from social media storm : Behind the Spin

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The ‘social media is a fad’ idea seems to have gone out of the proverbial window. Indeed, PR has become amongst the first of the service industries to jump on the social media bandwagon and take ownership of it.

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Coca-Cola: ‘Fans First’ Approach in Social Communities

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First Post to Posterous

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I’m just trying out Posterous for the first time and this is my first post

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Google Street on the Slopes

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Google Street View has now made it down the slopes in Vancouver just in time for the Winter Olympics. Thanks to the “Street View Snowmobile”, people can experience the venue like never before.

Google Buzz

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Google has played it’s cards and entered the social media arena with ‘Google Buzz’ which will be integrated over the next few days within Gmail. The service comes as a direct competitor to the likes of Facebook and Twitter with senior executives calling it “the poster child” for the company’s future.

Buzz allows users to start sharing information, photographs, videos and messages with each other, as well as being integrated with Google Maps to see what is happening around them through their mobile phones. Users can start sharing immediately as Buzz uses information from their existing email accounts to automatically show updates and media from people they talk to regularly, although they can also share information privately within a close group of friends if they want.

Google will be hoping that Buzz gets a better reception than Wave which required invites to use the service and is still in testing.

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